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We are committed to learning and adapting rapidly to the constantly changing fields of data science and engineering, and to effectively communicating these insights to stakeholders of all technical levels.

Data science

  • Statistics and data analytics
  • predictive modeling
  • traditional machine learning and deep learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Visualization

Data engineering

  • ETL and data pipeline development
  • CD/CI and DevOps
  • Big-data infrastructure and distributed processing


Generative AI

  • Prompt Engineering and Semantic Embedding
  • Large Language Models Fine-tuning and Integration
  • GenAi Agents and LangChain Frameworks


high quality solutions that help businesses thrive in today’s data-driven landscape.

Big-Data Architectural


Big-Data Optimization

Key industry


  • Bioinformatics and genomics
  • Biotechnology and healthcare
  • Geophysics
  • Chemical and biological engineering
  • Fintech
  • E-commerce and advertisement
  • Robotics
  • Social Network


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Top Academic Training

Tech Giant Experience

Startup Success

Personalized Approach


Why clients choose us

Wei Has A Great Combination Of Technical Ability And Business Scene - A Huge Asset For The Integrity Team. He's Led Analytics For Multiple Product Launches, Working Across Product, Engineering, And UX. He Helped Unblock The Team On Several Key Product Decisions By Bringing Clear Insights And Recommendations, And Set Up Clear Metrics To Validate The Team's Hypotheses And Measure Their Impact.
Data Science Manager - Meta
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Weipeng at Insight Expansion… From the outset, I was impressed with his ability to swiftly grasp the intricacies of my project. He asked insightful questions and genuinely listened to my concerns, allowing him to form a clear understanding of my data requirements quickly… He effortlessly pinpointed critical areas that needed attention and presented them in a comprehensive and actionable way. This level of clarity was pivotal in helping me gain new perspectives on my project goals and better align them with my data needs. He skillfully outlined a well-structured roadmap, prioritizing key tasks and setting realistic milestones. This approach not only saved time and resources but also instilled confidence in our decision. It all just made me so much more confident in my next steps. … His positive attitude and enthusiasm were infectious and made the entire collaboration an enjoyable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Insight Expansion to anyone seeking to elevate their data-driven initiatives. Their ability to help you formulate the right questions, swiftly understand complex challenges and identify the best course of action is second to none.
CEO - Lemma Labs Inc.
Thought leader comes to mind when I think about Weipeng. I had the privilege to work with Weipeng on the multifacet challenges in digital pathology data management. Weipeng is such a fast learner, effective communicator, who can navigate freely in the vast space of multilevel stakeholders. I am always in awe of his organizational skills and how quickly he can distill the essence from an interdisciplinary project landscape. Lastly, I am honored to be able to connect with Weipeng at a personal level, his genuineness will be dearly missed. As a team member or leader, I am offering my highest recommendations to Weipeng.
- Monica G.
Manager - Genentech
Weipeng Is An Excellent Communicator - And Fluent English Speaker - Alongside His Fluency In Data Manipulation. He Is Highly Skilled At Breaking Down Complex Ideas Into Actionable Items And Data Points. In Addition To His Top-Notch Quantitative & Communication Skills, Weipeng Is Enjoyable To Work With. He Brings A Sense Of Ease To The Most Challenging Projects, Finding Solutions Quickly & Delivering Reliable Results With A Quick Turnaround. Weipeng Has A Rare Knack For Translating High-Level Mathematical Concepts Into Easily Understandable Business Insights. He Helped Me Achieve Goals I'd Previously Thought Unattainable. I Would Highly Recommend Weipeng In Finding Your Business Solutions.
Director - Emory University
Everything was very well organized, communicated, and thorough. We needed analysis of user performance on multiple-choice exams, and internal metrics such as measuring the quality of the questions. We met to discuss the needs of the project and formulated a plan. The team analyzed the quality of the data, which was then reported to us, and all questions were answered. The queries and data analysis were then performed on the data, and additional information and analysis was given as requested in a very timely, well-communicated manner. We'd definitely work with them again, and highly recommend the team.
Matt F.
CEO - PathDojo

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